Last-Minute Halloween Decorations DIY – Biohazard Cans

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Last-Minute Halloween Decorations DIY

You can easily make creepy and cool last-minute Halloween decorations DIY using things you may already have around your house along with inexpensive things from the craft store. Raid your recycle bin and old gift bags for cans and worn tissue paper to make these radioactive biohazard cans oozing with toxic waste. Zombie hands emerge from the green, glowing goo, grasping for their next victim.

Materials Needed for the Biohazard Cans

  • Large Cans (28 oz)
  • Worn Tissue Paper
  • Acrylic Paint (black, brown and green neon)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Skeleton Hands
  • Green LED lights
  • Biohazard printouts

Instructions for the Biohazard Cans

  • Wash and dry the cans.
  • Paint the cans brown.
  • Lightly brush the edges and and random parts of the can with black paint, over the wet brown paint, to make them look aged and dirty.
  • Drip hot glue over the sides of the cans to look like oozing hazardous waste.
  • Paint the hot glue drips with Neon Green paint.
  • Crumble tissue paper and place inside the cans.
  • Paint parts of the tissue with Neon Green paint.
  • Print out biohazard clipart from a free online image gallery, cut out and glue to the can.
  • Add skeleton hands and LED lights to make the cans extra creepy.

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