Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Cookie Basket

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Here is a fun and festive way to display cookies for your Thanksgiving feast. Use a Decorated Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Cookie Basket! You can buy an inexpensive cornucopia at the craft store and dress it up to give it a fall, harvest look. Fill it with a paper plate, decorated with leaves and line it with a napkin so there is no mess and minimal cleanup.

Materials needed for the Decorated Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Cookie Basket

  • Straw Horn of Plenty
  • Faux Flowers
  • Faux Leaves and Wheat
  • Large Oval Paper Plate
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun


Insert the paper plate into the Horn of Plenty and hot glue to secure.

Hot glue decorative fall leaves, wheat and grass around the plate as shown above.

Wrap ribbon around the horn of plenty and attach with hot glue. Add flowers to the basket to make it more decorative.

Place a decorative fall napkin inside the cornucopia, lining the plate, and fill with your favorite cookies. Isn’t it beautiful and festive? Your guest will love it!

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