Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

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It is easy to create beautiful, handmade Mother’s Day cards. You can make something that reflects your Mother’s personality that she is sure to cherish for years to come. I like to create my cards out of unexpected items and things not usually found in cards from the store. There are no rules when making cards, just create something from the heart and it will come out amazing! Here are two of my designs for Mother’s Day cards I came up with using only recycled materials.

Brown Paper Bag CardBrown Bag and Tissue Mother's Day CardA great way to recycle a brown paper bag is to create a beautiful Mother’s Day card. I cut two rectangle shapes of the bag the size of an open card and glued them together to stabilize the card. Then I folded it in half to create the shape of the card. I sponge painted the card with metallic bronze and gold tones. I cut small pieces of reused tissue and crinkled them to create the flowers. I then accented the flowers with beads recycled from an old piece of costume jewelry.

Brown Paper Bag Mother's Day Card

I used leftover yarn and wrapped it around the card for finishing touch. This card was created from 100% reused and recycled materials.

Recycled Gift Wrap Card

Flower Mother's Day Card

A beautiful floral Mother’s Day card design can be created from items you probably already have around your house. This is an easy design to create and can be made over and over again once you have constructed your initial pattern. You can get creative with the colors and textures of your flowers and even change the color of the card stock to create your signature card.


  • Cardstock or Thin Cardboard
  • Pieces of decorative wrapping paper, tissue paper or pretty fabric
  • Buttons
  • String or Twine
  • Craft Glue


  • Cut a card shape out of reused card stock or thin cardboard. White gift or shirt boxes also works great for cards. I used heavy weight paper that was used in the package of a pair of tights for this design. Look around and you might be surprised what you can find that would make a perfect foundation for your card.
  • Create a pattern for the flower petals on a piece of paper.  Draw four petal shapes for each flower.  You don’t have to be an artist to create this look—this is an abstract flower so the petals do not have to be perfect. Just be creative and draw some interesting shapes. Once the petals are on the card with the stems and the buttons, the flower will come together and will look very artistic.Use the petal pattern to cut out decorative paper or fabric pieces for the flower and arrange them on to the card. Place the buttons and the yarn stems in on the card for placement and begin to glue the petals to the card.
  • Draw a line of glue to the card in the shape of a stem, meeting the top of the stem with the petals and attach a piece of yarn. Try to give the stem some shape rather than making it straight up and down. Cut a small piece of the yarn and form a loop and glue to each of the stems to create a leaf.
  • Glue a button on to each of the flowers where the yarn meets the petals to finish the look.


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