Halloween Tombstone Decoration

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Halloween tombstone decoration
Create a creepy, cool Halloween tombstone decoration for your Halloween party. It can be used as a party platter, treat bag display, or hold party favors. It is fairly easy to create with just a few items and some paint. It will be the talk of the party because it is different than anything you can buy. I love finding things around the house to use for my creations. This Halloween tombstone’s foundation is a lidded shipping box I received from an online store. I love these kinds of boxes because they are so sturdy and versatile for my designs. If you don’t have a lidded shipping box, you can use any type of sturdy box as the base.

Materials Needed for the Halloween Tombstone

  • Lidded Shipping Box
  • Plastic Mask
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Foam Core Board
  • Granite Paint
  • Black Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun

Instructions for the Halloween Tombstone

boxCut the top of the lid of the box to shape of a tombstone. If you don’t have a lidded box, cut a piece of cardboard the tombstone shape and glue to the back of the box.

Cut a piece of foam core the size of the tombstone and attach with a glue gun. If using a mask like the one shown here, draw a border around the face and cut off the excess.

Attach the mask to the tombstone with the hot glue gun.

Spray paint a long piece of cheese cloth with granite paint and let dry. This will make the creepy hooded cloak.

Spray paint the back of the tombstone with granite paint and let dry. Glue the granite painted cheese cloth around the mask to create the creep hooded cloak.

Paint base black and add ghostly treat bags to simulate ghosts rising from the grave.



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