Easy to Make Water Bottle Snowflakes

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Water Bottle Snowfakes


Even though the holidays are over, we are still approaching the coldest and snowiest time of the year, the dreaded January blues. Rather than fear the snow, I choose to embrace it with creative designs. Snow is one of the most beautiful things that come from the bitter cold and can be used for decorative accents long after the holidays are over like these water bottle snowflakes. Here is a fun decoration to make with things you may already have around your house. I glued them to a decorative board, added winter accents and lights to transform my home into a winter wonderland.

Materials Used for the Snowflake Design


  • Plastic Bottles
  • Glitter in white and blue
  • 3D paint tubes in white and blue (available at crafts stores)
  • White Craft Glue
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Two or more sets of Moon String Lights


Cut the bottoms off of the plastic bottles.

Paint the top part of the bottle bottom with white glue.


Sprinkle the wet glue with glitter and tap off the excess.


Draw a snowflake on top of the glitter with 3Dimensional Paint.


You can create different variations of the snowflakes by painting the bottle bottoms before adding glitter and painting the snowflakes. You can also beads and more glitter to the painted snowflake to add more dimension. Try to create them all different because no two snowflakes are ever the same.



Use LED Lights to make your snowflakes come alive by attaching them to a decorative board, hanging them as ornaments or using them to accent your holiday table.



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