5 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching with less than two weeks to prepare. It is on Thursday, November 26th! I make my Thanksgiving centerpieces and table decorations first because if I like to decorate the house with them before Thanksgiving. If I wait, I run out of time and scramble around at the last minute trying to decorate my table. Some of my favorite tabletop decorations are beautiful, autumn-inspired DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas. I love amber and gold metallic tones mixed with the texture of natural elements. They are so easy to create with just a few inexpensive items along with things found outside. You can also use some of your leftover Halloween pumpkins, corn husks and LED lights to incorporate into your magnificent Thanksgiving centerpieces. Here are five of my easy ideas to create beautiful Thanksgiving centerpieces.

Corn Husk Centerpiece (shown above)

Transform an ordinary container into a festive Harvest display. With a few natural elements such as seasonal corn, decorative grass and acorns, you can add a warm autumn touch to your entryway. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit the container and hot glue it to the inside. Arrange corn and grass into the foam and glue. Accent with berries and acorns. Decorate the front of the container with ribbon and flowers.

Twiggy Centerpiece

I am a big fan of low centerpieces for a Thanksgiving table. It makes it so much easier to have a conversation with someone across the table when you are not trying to look around twigs and flowers.

To make this twiggy centerpiece, I cut out an oval piece of cardboard and glued fabric flowers and leaves to it to create the base. I nestled a candle holder onto the flowers and attached sticks I gathered from the woods. I dressed up dollar store gourds with gold and bronze paint. I finished the design by adding Halloween battery tea lights wrapped in gold ribbon and a few fabric leaves to the sticks. It cost less than five dollars to create this centerpiece because I used on hand items, natural elements, dollar store finds and flowers on clearance at the craft store.

Leaves and Branches Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Bring the outdoors inside with these beautiful leaves and branches centerpiece. Gather interesting shaped twigs from outside and paint them with a gold or bronze tone metallic paint. Place them in a glass vase along with small rocks and leaves painted with metallic paint. Thread amber beads with thin wire and attach them to the stems. Hot glue silk leaves to the branches and adds beads to add sparkle to the leaves.

This display can be filled with LED or fairy lights to illuminate the vase at night.

Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece

pumpkin-thanksgiving-centerpieceUse your leftover Halloween pumpkins to create this fun mini pumpkin centerpiece. Cut out an oval piece of cardboard to make the base. Arrange candle holders on the cardboard and glue fabric flowers and leaves around the candles to fill in the gaps. Paint the pumpkins with metallic paint and add glitter glue accents. Wrap the corrugated side of a coffee sleeve around the candle and add a ribbon scrap and beads.

Red Maple Centerpiece

I have a red maple tree in front of my house where the leaves turn to a gorgeous red color in the fall. I wanted to reproduce this look for a table centerpiece. I found a spray of oak leaves on branches at the grocery store and used them to create my display. I filled a glass vase I bought at the dollar store with rocks, bark, and natural elements arranged the leaves, added branches I gathered from the woods, added a few beads, and fabric oak leaves to get this look.


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