DIY Haunted House Tabletop Decoration

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Haunted House Table Top Decoration

Create a spooky haunted house tabletop decoration to add to your ominous decor. This creepy Halloween tabletop decoration is made from household items and inexpensive things from the craft store. LED lights illuminate the windows to cast an eerie glow. This Halloween decoration can be used to hold tasty treats or Halloween Candy. This display would add a ghoulish charm to any Halloween party.

Materials Used to Create the Haunted House Tabletop Decoration

  • Cardboard Box with Attached Lid
  • Corrugated Coffee Sleeves
  • Vellum
  • Wood Scrapbooking Paper
  • Plastic Spiders, Skulls and Bats
  • Stiff Gray Felt
  • Small Clothes Pins
  • Black and Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Permanent Marker
  • Wood Sticks
  • Hot Glue Gun

Create the Haunted House Tabletop Decoration

  • Lift the lid of the box and cut off the sides of the lid.
  • Glue 2 wooden sticks to the back to keep the lid open.
  • Cut the top of the box to a point to make a house shape and a chimney shape.
  • Cut out windows and glue vellum to the back of the windows.
  • Glue wood scrapbooking paper to the front, center of the house.
  • Cut the corrugated paper into pieces to simulate the shutters.
  • Paint the house black and lightly wash the windows orange so they remain translucent.
  • Cut a cardboard circle for the full moon, paint orange and glue to the house.
  • Accent the house with bags, spiders, eyes, pumpkin and a Keep Out cut out.

  • To make the tombstones, cut out pieces of stiff gray felt in a tombstone shape.
  • Accent the felt with skulls and decorate with a sharpie as shown above.
  • Glue a mini clothespin to the back and attach to the haunted house.

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