DIY Decorated Wine Glasses

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decorated wine glasses

An easy and fun way to dress up your Thanksgiving feast is decorated wine glasses. They are very inexpensive to create and simple to make. These beautiful masterpieces will be a highlight of your celebration.

Gather mismatched or inexpensive dollar store wine glasses. Find buttons, beads, costume jewelry or anything of interest and glue them to the base of the glass using glass glue. Before you attach beads, wipe the base of the glass with vinegar or alcohol to remove any residue. This will help everything more easily attach. Make sure to follow the instructions for the glass glue for the best results.


These decorated glasses can not be placed in the dishwasher and only the top part of the glass which holds the drink and be hand washed. This will make sure the beads stay secure and do no fall off.

Another easy decorated wine glass idea is the attach fall leaves to a wine glass with double-sided tape. It is a temporary solution that can be used on nicer glasses. Use different colored leaves so no two are alike. Your guest will instantly know which glass is theirs because of the unique leave design.

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