DIY Christmas Penguin Decorations and Crafts

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DIY Penguin Decoration

Here is a fun idea to make a cute DIY Christmas Penguin Decoration that also doubles as a gift wrap idea. The Christmas penguin hat can be removed to reveal a hidden gift inside. This is a great way to disguise a gift, wrap an odd-shaped item, or create a unique Christmas gift wrap decoration. I have always thought that the best gift wrap is reusable and can also be part of the gift. This DIY Christmas Penguin is created from a reused plastic bottle and inexpensive things from the craft store.

Materials Needed for the DIY Christmas Penguin

  • Large Empty Plastic Bottle
  • Black and White Acrylic Paint
  • Orange Craft Foam
  • Black and White Felt
  • Red Yarn
  • Two Large Flat Buttons
  • Large White Pom Pom
  • White Fur Trim
  • Craft Glue

Instructions for the DIY Christmas Penguin

  • Clean and dry a large plastic bottle.

  • Cut the top off of the plastic bottle.

  • Paint the bottle with black acrylic paint leaving a large oval in the front unpainted and let dry. You may need two coats.

  • Cut out an oval piece of white felt.

  • Paint the unpainted oval on the bottle white. Glue the felt oval to the white part of the bottle.

  • Glue red yarn around the top of the bottle to create the fuzzy hat.

  • Continue gluing the yarn to the top of the bottle until it is completely covered.

  • Cut out two wings out of felt and cut out a beak shape from the orange craft foam.

  • Glue on the beak, wings and eyes on to the front of the penguin.

  • Glue all the pieces onto the hat and the penguin to finish your fun DIY Christmas Penguin!







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