Dictionary Leaves (leevz) n.

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I took a class at an amazing specialty craft store called Queens Ink at Historic Savage Mill and learned about Dylusions Ink Spray. As soon as started using it, I envisioned myself transforming old books into autumn leaves. I had some dictionaries laying around that I no longer had use for except to weigh down some of my art projects. With the abundance of information accessible through the Internet, I don’t need a dictionary anymore. I hope the word police don’t chase me down for cutting up books for my craft projects.

I went outside to gather some leaves.

I traced some of the perfect leaf shapes on card stock to create my leaf template.

I tore out some pages from an old dictionary and cut out leaves from my template. I stacked about five or six pages together so I could make a lot at one time.

I put on rubber gloves because the ink will stain your hands, laid the leaves down on a paper plate, sprayed them with water and then began with the colors. You don’t need to spray much because it goes a long way.  You can rub the leaves together to meld the colors. Spread them out and let dry.

After the leaves have dried, you can use a pencil to curl the edges to simulate the shape of real leaves.

 Real leaves and…

My dictionary leaves. I think I like my version better. They really came out beautiful. I am going to spread them around my Thanksgiving table to add a festive touch and also serve as a conversation piece. Maybe everyone will learn a few new words while they are gobbling down the turkey.

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