How to Decorate Letters for Mother’s Day (DIY Gift Ideas)

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Decorate Letters

Decorate letters for a beautiful and heartwarming Mother’s Day gift idea. Your mother will be so surprised when she sees the thought that was put into this personalized gift. You can design the letters to match her style and they can be decorated with endearing pictures of her children, grandchildren or family photos.

I love this gift because these large decorative letters can be used as a decoration, wall hanging or picture display. This is an easy and fun project to create and also a great gift that kids can make for their mother or grandmother.

I like to use paper mache letters available at the craft store. They are sturdy and lightweight, are wide enough so they can stand on their own without propped up and the surface is perfect to be painted or decorated without warping or puckering. The measurements of the ones for this design are 8″ high x 1/2″ deep.

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  • Paper Mache Letters from the craft store
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Decorative Scrapbooking paper
  • Craft Glue
  • Pictures of children or family photos
  • Decorative Accents

How to Decorate Letters for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


  • Paint the letters with acrylic paint. You will need two coats to make the color bold and vibrant.


  • Trace the letter shapes on the back of the scrapbooking paper and cut them out.


  • Glue the scrapbooking paper onto the letters with craft glue.


  • Print pictures of the children, grandchildren and family photos. They may need to be resized so they can fit nicely on the front of the letters.
  • Arrange the pictures onto the front of the letter and glue.
  • Add accents and embellishments to the letters to complete the design.

These beautiful and thoughtful Decorated Letters makes a perfect DIY Mother’s Day gift idea.

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