How to Create a Denim Gift Bag

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denim gift bag
I thought it would be fun to make a denim gift bag for Father’s Day or for a patriotic summer gift. Rather than buy denim from the fabric store, I used an old pair of jeans that were never going to be worn again. Repurposing old jeans not only made it easier to make the denim gift bag, it looked more authentic than trying to recreate the look of worn jeans. When the gift bag was finished, it totally reminded me of the Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA CD cover. That’s why I put the red bandana in the pocket and added white tissue to give it the Bruce Springsteen tee shirt and jeans look.

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Materials used for the Denim Gift Bag

jeans materials

  • Old Blue Jeans
  • Plain Blue Gift Bag
  • Hot glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Red Bandana or Red Tissue Paper

Instructions for the Denim Gift Bag


Cut part of the back part of the jeans to approximate size of the gift bag and attach it to the gift bag with hot glue. Line up the top of the bag with the waist band of the jeans.


Flip the bag over and trim the excess denim to match the size of the gift bag.

seamTrim the excess off of a stitched seam of the jeans. You will be using the stitched seam in the next step.

jeans3Hot glue the stitched seam piece to the bottom of the gift bag just under the  back pocket to cover the raw denim edge.


Fill the bag with layered white tissue and fold a bandana or piece of red tissue paper into a triangle and fit it into the back pocket.




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