DIY Cereal Box Organizer (DIY Back to School Supplies)

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Cereal Box Organizer

Learn how to easily make these DIY Cereal Box Organizer out of household items. Now that we are in August, it is time to start thinking about fun home organizing items for kid’s school and home office. Using only things you may already have around your house such as cereal boxes and tissue boxes, you can create a great way to organize paper, supplies and books that look stylish and fun. You can customize the design to match your decor!

Cereal Box and Tissue Box Organizer:


  • Large Cereal Box and Cube Tissue Box
  • Decorative Paper (wrapping paper, scrapbook paper)
  • School Glue or Craft Glue

Mark 4 inches from the bottom on the side of the cereal box and 1 1/2 inch from the top corner. Draw lines to connect the measurements.

Cut the cereal box into two pieces as shown.

Cut 2 pieces of decorative papers for each box about 1/4 inch larger than the angled side so it can be turned inside the box. Use the side of the box as the pattern to trace the size of the paper.

Glue the paper to the box. Fill in any empty spaces with decorative paper and accent with ribbon and anything else you have to personalize your finished product.

Cut the top off of a tissue box and cover with decorative paper. Accent with ribbon.

DIY Tissue Box Organizer

DIY Tissue Box Organizer

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