Category: valentine’s day

3D Heart Gift Bag

I love try to incorporate something reused in all of my designs. This is one of my signature gift bags designs that uses a paper towel or wrapping paper roll to make a heart. It lifts the heart off of the bag to give it a 3D effect. I also… Read more

Strawberry Hearts

It seems that strawberries and chocolate have become the official treat for Valentine’s Day. I have decided to take it a step further and make chocolate drizzled heart strawberries to add that extra charm to a romantic evening. Click here to learn how to make these yummy hearts… Read more

Be Mine Gift Wrap Design

I always wanted to decorate a gift with stick on foam hearts for a fun and easy to create design. These Valentine’s Day gifts could be given to anyone — a friend, a child or even a teacher — because they more charming than romantic. Instructions for this design can… Read more