Beautiful Gold Leaves DIY Thanksgiving Hanging Decoration

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Gold Leaves DIY Thanksgiving Hanging Decorations

Metallic gold leaves adorned with amber beads make a beautiful DIY Thanksgiving hanging decoration. This decoration can be made quickly with things you may already have around the house. It is very inexpensive to make and adds a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving decor.

Materials to Make the Gold Leaves DIY Thanksgiving Hanging Decoration

  • White Paper or Cardstock
  • Gold and Bronze Metallic Acrylic Paint
  • Bronze Ribbon
  • Branches
  • Leaves
  • Amber Beads
  • Wire
  • Hot Glue or Craft Glue

How to Make the Gold Leaves DIY Thanksgiving Hanging Decoration

  • Use a fresh or faux leaves to use as patterns to draw leaf shapes. Make 9 leaves all different shapes.

  • Cut out the leaves and paint with gold and bronze paint.

  • Gather 2 dry branches, bind them together by twisting wire around the center and both ends.
  • Paint with bronze paint.

  • Cut pieces of ribbon and glue them evenly on the branch.
  • Glue the painted leaves onto the ribbon in even intervals as shown above.

  • Glue beads onto the end of the ribbon.

  • Glue a bead onto the top of each leaf.

  • String beads onto wires and attached  them to the branch.

  • Glue fabric leaves to each end of the branch and add beads for the finishing touch.

This gold leaf branch can be placed on a candle holder, on the end of a shelf or a mantle for a festive and elegant Thanksgiving decoration.


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